Old Friends



On our journey through life, we come across many people. From our childhood to adulthood, we meet people all the time. Some through difficult circumstances, others through pleasant ones. We develop strong bonds and build relationships. Some of those relationships and friendships last a life time, others only survive a short while and majority of the bonds we form are friendship bonds because friends are always a part of our lives. We dream together, we aspire together, we share our problems, we lean on each other for support, we fight, we laugh, we love, we live. In every circumstance of life, there’s always a friend to share with and as we grow and form unique identities, we sometimes begin to drift from our friends , as we make new friends through work or career advancement, we sometimes eliminate the old to make room for the new.


As our life’s take different turns on it’s journey, our paths sometimes move us apart, moves us further away from our friends. But in all these, we must remember one thing, That life is a process and a journey, it is never brought to conclusion as long as we breathe. To have arrived at the point we are today, we gained from the help we received from friends and others. To get to the point we aspire, we will need the support of friends still so do not forget your friends . From the friends you had in the kindergarten to those you consider a part of your life today or at the moment, they are a treasure and have all made contributions in great and some ways to make you the person you are today.



It’s understandable when certain circumstances drives us apart and am not saying that we must remain friends with all whose paths has crossed ours but what am saying is that , those we have considered friends in the past, should not be completely “cast in the bin of history “ Once in a while, dust off your old address books and send a text to an old friend, place a surprise call, send a card, write a letter, give them a pleasant surprise, brighten their day. You may be reaching out just at the right time. Your old friend maybe having challenges in their life. You may be the difference between life and death.


If you do not have their contact, search for them on social media, facebook, twitter, instagram and the likes. Make the effort to contact them. “Do your best”
Remember, your friends are your wealth, they are your treasure. If we all do this, the world will be a happy place, a place of joy, a place of love, a place of peace. Do not forget your old friends, reach out to that person today, Do it now!


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