Best Green Tea And Black Tea Brand For Health Benefits





The oolong tea is oftenly a combination of green and black tea.It has fragrance with a fruity flavour that has a pleasant aroma.
It is rich in antioxidants and also contains the most important Vitamins such as:Vitamin A,B,C,K,and E that the body needs as well as minerals.These minerals include copper,manganese and potassium.Most importantly it contains caffeine,theaphylline as well as theobromine that stimulates the nervous system when taken , responsible for the alertness.
This oolong tea has multiple benefits to the human body. First, its taken for relaxation because it calms the nerves due to caffeinne content it has. Moreover, it promotes and improves mental health due to the stress relieving effect that results in good reasoning and judgement. It also results in robust skin health this is because it has antioxidants that always blocks the skin therefore it makes the skin healthy. It works in a way that it burns the fat in the body that usually deposited below the skin. It is known to cure eczema . People who have taken this tea for over sometime say that it helps treat it.
Moreover, it reduces the chronic health condition such as stroke, heart disease, inflammation disorder and high cholestrol levels.
It also provides some of the essential oxidants which help the body to function properly. It contains essential vitamins and minerals which are important. It also contains folics which is mostly needed by expectant mothers , the folic acid is important to the developing baby Since it aids in the growth.


It is also known for its ability to strengthen the bones structure in the body hence increased flexibility and reduced joint pains. It also results in less tooth decay by improving dental health through strengthening the teeth.
This tea is also vital in controlling diabetes. Diabetes is known all over due to its level of health concern that is expensive to treat since it is complex. This is achieved by its ability to control the blood sugar levels.
Its properties keeps cancer at bay particularly it is known to prevent ovarian cancer due to its properties that makes the body active discouraging the development of cancerous cells.
It also helps in weight management. Yes! For people who have issues with their weight they are encouraged to take this tea because it reduces obesity. It acts to make the body active therefore it burns cholestrol and other stubborn fat by controlling the metabolism of fat. It also treats atopic dermatitis which is a chronic
skin Condition.


This tea type also helps in eradicating harmful radicals. It contains a compound called polyphenolic its an antioxidant and protect the body from arthritis and diabetes among other diseases.

*This great company of The Taylors of Harrogate has other assorted types of tea with different taste and preference. These include:
*Organic chamomile tea
*Green tea with lemon
*Green tea with jasmin
*Lemon and orange tea
*English and Scottish breakfast te
*Blackberry and raspberry tea
*Assam tea among others. This shows how the variety of tea that is in the market of the Taylors of the Harrogate tea . some of these teas are appropriate for diffrent times for example when its chilly and just when its during the day and you need the tea to relax.




I take them daily, first thing in the morning. They are really doing it for me and I’m loving them for now. Try them if you are looking for the right Tea brand and let me know Other good once that works for you.


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  2. I enjoy a cup of Green or Black tea every now and then I prefer it cold though. From time to time with some honey. I learned something today. I didn’t know oolong tea was a blend of black and green tea. Now I feel like I wanna give it a try. Thanks for sharing this and follow my blog.

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