Fearless Motivation


Fearless motivation

Do you want to be a follower or a leader? Do you want to be a ship or a lion? Do you loose sleep over nothing?Why not start doing things like your  life depends on it .Let anyone that stands in the way of your dreams know you are ready to attack if he don’t move off your way. Let them know it is not over until is over with you . O yes! until you get what you want, Until you win. Cos you are the storm! Don’t  feel so bad about your scars cos it only reminds you that you fault to where you are today, those  marks reminds you that you are a survivor.They reminds you that you tried and succeeded. Be unstoppable and always know your purpose and trace it. Don’t  think of average cos you will definitely end up there, saying“no”to ordinary simply means you are not ready to settle for less. Fear is very bad, it keeps us out from trying new things or to keep pushing. It feels better to be terrified and then overcome that fear, yes! We may not always succeed but is important to think you tried. Don’t give up trying what you know because is “just” you can see and even when no one cant see that you saw. Always  find the best sound only you can dance to and to become fearless person, you have to give up the idea of doing things perfectly.

Always be beautiful and fearless. Have it in mind that anything is possible if you get support from the right people around you . Take your life to the next level .


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