Hey lovelies! In today’s video I will give you You 13 SECRETS: HOW TO SHOP SMART! ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW NOW! You can save serious cash by planning your purchases and being aware of the games retailers play. Knowing all of this can give you a big  spending advantage. You save a lot of money when you shop smartly. When you go to the store, ask if they have any discount or sales going on, look for ways to make the product cheaper. To shoo smartly, go online sign up for them and they will be mailed to you. Some store offer military and students discount, use them ! There’s always ways to save money. Watch your money and your time~ Make proper decisions, cross check every products properly before going for check out and sometimes the long cues can be of great help. You cross check while you wait lol! Indulge your needs-Treating yourself to the things you need, they really lift the spirits and stick to your bud, don’t be reckless. Some people don’t know this information and I’m trying to reach even just one person to help them . Let me know what you. #howtoshopandsavemoney . FILMED 2017 (old video)#howtoshopsmartforclothes #shoppingsecrets


Thanks for watching.




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