How to style Bermuda shorts 2020| Sharonchy

 How to style Bermuda shorts 2020: In today’s video I’m styling Bermuda shorts one shorts to four outfits. Bermuda shorts can be worn as a semi casual attire by both women and men, is always about 1inch above the knees, they’re garment for all seasons, they’re very comfortable, elegant and functional. Bermuda shorts can easily change the way you dress for summer, is time we get off our shorts-shorts! And get on trend with a pair of Bermuda shorts! Is I – they’re back for good. You can dress it down or up, you can do a lot with Bermuda shorts. I love that bermuda shorts give a little more coverage than your standard pair of cutoff shorts.The simplest way to style them is with a basic tee and a pair of sneakers. When choosing the right sneaker, go with a pair that is narrow and elongates your leg like Converse or this simple pair from Levi’s. A bulky pair might look a bit frumpy. Also, a simple front tuck of a tee makes this look a bit more polished. Is very easy to style -If you know your way around it.  Thanks for watching. 

Thanks for watching.







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