The power of first impressions

What you wear and why you wear it matters a lot because of the power of first impressions. I have a problem dressing comfortably. I hope I’m not hurting someone but my dear! You can always be comfortable without wearing a sweatpants, you can wear the right jeans, dresses and jackets and be comfortable in them. You don’t have to wear leggings and sweatpants to be comfortable. When you keep dressing that way, you pass the wrong message to people. What you wear matters a lot  as well as how quickly visual information is processed, the way you present yourself to the world affects your relationships with others as well as how you view with yourself.


When you dress down, not only how will people see you differently ~ You think different about yourself. So when you think you don’t care and people don’t care. Hello dear!! They do! How you dress can even lead to stressful relations with others. Your friends and coworkers may avoid you, talk about you behind your back, and you may even loose your job and can lead to feelings of rejection and paranoia, which can easily build into panic. And if you don’t care what people think, that’s totally you, that’s fine! There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that but I really care about how I think about myself.

Learn to dress for yourself, even if you’re at home dressing well can be a major morale boost and it can ultimately improve the way you feel about yourself.








    • 😆Hahaha ….I don’t think he does though but the impression on people can be really poor and that’s why you still can remember the hole on his jumper! People can express themselves with the clothes they wear. Thanks for the feedback and have a great day!

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      • Well it’s one of the things I remember 😉 to be honest it impressed me that he obviously didn’t care about impressing people with anything other than his personality 😊 have a great day too

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  1. You gain weight too because you don’t have constricting waistbands for skirts and pants – I know because I work from home now, and rarely get dressed up. I used to be a clothes horse and see the clothes and accessories unused and it kills me sometimes. I’m not heavy because I walk as much as I can and am tall (5′ 9″) but I don’t think I would fit into alot of those clothes last worn in the Winter of 2008-2009.

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  2. I don’t know how people sometimes wear clothes like anything regarding them to be their comfort zones. It is good to have self opinion..But sometimes Others can do good too ..


    • Hey Dominique 🙌Hope your doing great! Yes dear! With the right dresses, jeans and jackets we can always be comfortable. My cousin brought me to this post really..He dressed for a job interview on sweatpants and I couldn’t let him leave like that and he screamed to let him go! That he was comfortable that way and I let him and returned home without getting that job and I wasn’t surprised. Casual dress code at office / job interview can easily slide into people dressing inappropriately. Especially in the spring and summer, this could result in people becoming extremely relaxed in their attire and coming in sweatpants or shorts and flip flops even. He showed them there’s more risk of him dressing inappropriately and that means putting someone as manager in an awkward situation. It come off really unprofessional and can easily give poor impression. The truth is if I’m the interviewer, I won’t hire him! My dear that’s why I made the post and saying my mind? Is good to take risk sometimes dear😁Thanks for the feedback 🙏🤝🙌

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  3. Very informative! There’s a saying that “as you dress, so you are addressed”. It’s good to wear things that make one feel comfortable but it is also important for one to be presentable. Nice post and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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