Being happy is good for individual and happiness doesn’t just make you feel better — it also brings a host of potential health benefits. Happiness protects your heart, strengthens your immune system and combats stress, diseases and disability.

As  all know positive  emotions appear to invigorate human beings, while

negative emotions have the opposite effect and the same thing happens with “happy-energy.” It’s contagious. People affect one another. So if you want someone else to be happy express your enthusiasm when you’re around others. Happy people have fewer pains and headache therefore the effort to be happy and stay happy is truly worthwhile.


1. Eat good food

2. Go on a dream vacation

3. Workout/ Exercise

4. Don’t skip food

5. Smile

6. Don’t expect too much from people

7. Take photos

8. Eliminate toxic people in your life

9. Try being happy

10. Sit up straight

11. Be with someone who’s happy

12. Move closer to nature

13. Stop nagging

14. Take action


15. Count your blessings.

16. Look on the bright side.

17. Challenge yourself

18. Remind yourself how great you are.

19. Listen to yourself

20. Call someone that makes you happy.

21. Take a deep breathe

22. Spend money on yourself

23. Get some sunlight

24. Meditate

25. Listen to music.

26. Watch funny movies

27. Dance to a good music

28. Wear clothes your love

29. Give back

30. Hang out with someone who is happy.

31. Drink a glass of milk

32. Forgive yourself

33. Always be positive

34. Take a complete bath

35. Take enough sleep

36. Give compliments

37. Read interesting books

38. Celebrate achievements and victories

39. Have sex

40. Talk deep

41. Believe in yourself

42. Spend on others

43. Concentrate on things you can control

44. Know your value

45. Show appreciation


If you’re having trouble accomplishing any of these ways above, please talk to a professional, you may be suffering from anxiety or depression. Seek help! Connect with someone who will be able to diagnose your condition. You need to live a productive and happy life. We need to be happy.














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