Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year and millions of couples and people deeply in love celebrate it around the world 🌍

it’s a day to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, not just your better half, in fact:

- Love all around

In countries like Finland, valentines is celebrated as more of a “friend’s day”and people take time to celebrate their friendships. Plus, studies show that around 3% of pet owners will give a gift to their pet on this day, but let’s face it, pets really do love us so they deserve it too.


-Valentine’s Cards

In the Victorian Era it was considered bad luck to give someone a signed valentine’s days card but nowadays, signed or not , more than 1 billion cards are exchanged during holidays.

- Not only the men’s turn to impress

Even though about 73% of flowers bought during the day are purchased by men, 85% of the holiday gifts are purchased by women. But 100% are purchased with love.


- The True Lovers

Everyone knows the beautiful tale of Romeo and Juliet written by Shakespeare. The story takes place in Verona, Italy and every year on valentine’s the city receives up to 1,000 letters addressed to “Juliet”.

- Pour Your Heart Out

Do you know that proposing on valentine’s days is really common? More than 220,000 wedding proposals are made every years on this day and why not? You’re already celebrating love , why not do it for the rest of your life?

The important thing to remember is that valentine’s day is about love and should be spent happily with whom you you love the most in the world, as should every other day of your life.

Happy Valentine’s Day Lovely People!!!







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