Makeup has been around for dozens of centuries and there’s  no denying that things have changed. But it can be difficult to keep up with the new trending looks today. Whether it’s matte lipstick or holographic lips, there is always some new trend to learn about. Eyeshadow colors and styles seem to be a large impacting trend, and it’s been going on for a while now. The glossy eyeshadow trend did begin in 2017 , but it’s still sticking around. It may seem that the eyeshadow is easy to achieve but it can be a difficult task depending the color.


Gold has always been thought of as valuable and beautiful but not always something to be put on one’s face. Now gold eyeshadow has impacted makeup artists along with their gold highlighter. Glitter is being put on to the  eyeshadow, adding for one glamorous and stunning look!


Blue makeup is also  another trend expected for 2018. You may be thinking , isn’t blue makeup in the 80’s past memories? Yes! But it’s been making its way back. This bold color is being used for sharp eye-catching eyeshadow. Soon, you’ll be seeing the shade everywhere again. Eyeshadow is now becoming more vibrant and playful.


Women and men use non- traditional colors and add their fun touches to them whether it’s a bright green or dark purple, it seems that people can’t resist a pop of color in their look! In 2018. It is expected that some of 2017 trends will stick along with new ones so be looking out for different eyeshadow colors and trends to try out.






44 thoughts on “EYE MAKEUP TRENDS 2018

  1. I see a lot of people posting pictures on twitter of them wearing outrageously bold eyeshadows, but I’ve never actually seen anybody sporting them in public. Im wondering if they’re like those clothes supermodels wear on the runway: impractical for actual wear? 🤔

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    • That’s right dear! They reflect the current fashion trend on runway but we always go with what works with Our style. They use their skill to appear the aptitude to the real world by purpose of your expression, your presence of apperception. Infact! Everything bounced back to individual differences and choice 🌸Get trend idea, choose the one you like and make it yours. Thanks again for your time ✌️

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