The weekend is in route yesss!!! Is friday* Time to be with friends and families, we don’t care about Monday, Tuesday, wenesday and thursday. The day we dedicated To partying and drinking. My co-workers from mon to thursday i don’t see good smile on their faces until is “Friday” To me I thought is normal because Is pay cheque day but No! I think there is more to friends  there is this special thing about Fridays.

Correct me if am wrong pls! do you feel like singing to the world on fridays? Are you with me on this? Are you among them that wants monday to be replaced with Fridays lol!  The day we push away all of the unhappy thoughts 💭 Do you pray for another friday at the middle of the week? Are you happy is Friday because of the hole adventures the weekend brings?O yess! Do you think right just on fridays.let’s ask ourselves this** Ques~Why can we live without tuesday, wenesday and thursday but “Friday” is impossible to let go. Is our friday happiness just about  not doing any work-related activities


But let’s look at it this way *If a friend said to you his fun day is on tues don’t ask what is friday if tues is “fun day” Don’t because his off day starts on tuesday and if he works on weekends automatically tuesday becomes his fun day. There are 7 days in a week and our fun day can be any day not just Friday’s. We Should always be happy and thankful that we are a live each day not just because is friday. I know we let loose and enjoys all of the joys of life on fridays but let’s try and make every day of our life very funful. lets be grateful for being blessed with another amazing friend  to start our weekend and be happy every day because a lot of people didn’t make it today! Alwaythank him is Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wenesday, Thursday and thank God is Friday!


15 thoughts on “FRIDAY MESSAGES

  1. Yep, agree with you Sharon! But I try to have more than just fun day in my week. Wednesday is usually a fun day for me as we have our production meeting at work. We pitch our creative ideas and share the interviews and our writing projects we will be working on during the week. It’s fun and one big boost of energy. Friday is also a fun day as I usually watch a film at home or go out my hubby. And there is Sunday, a family day spend with the kids doing fun activities. Tuesday and thursday are not bad either as I have yoga classes. Still working on Mondays though… LOL Thanks for this meaningful post. 😄 -Dominique

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    • Yea Dominique! Most people don’t get it🤦‍♀️ It has to be just on Friday! Hell Nop🙅‍♂️ ~7days a week ~Anyday can be “Super Fun Day” depending on your weekly availability and schedule 💃And you are a typical example of what I meant! Your wenesday’s are popping 💃🕺🏻And can as well be other days for someone else! Thanks for stopping by dear😍✌️

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