A Mix of Fabrics and Cultures

Lustrous Asian silk, vintage English lace, vichy pattern that reminds me of the French Riviera, natural bird feathers, a suede fedora that feels like Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca and an Italian masquerade mask for sensuous looks that have an old world appeal combined with a contemporary flair. My contribution to this third edition of When Fashion and Nature Collide is about a mix of textiles and accessories infused with rich culture and history. A kaleidoscope of beautiful clothing made of fabrics from across the globe to match the stunning critters and flowers featured in the current issue. Roda and Darren’s photos have provided me the inspiration for styling nine outfits this month. There’s sure to be something to inspire you!
Soie asiatique lustrée, dentelle anglaise vintage, imprimé vichy français, plumes naturelles d’oiseaux, un fedora en suède rappelant Humphrey Bogart dans le film Casablanca et…

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The nature of change… and the nature of fashion

Do you really know what you mean when you say that you are going for a more “natural look” with your fashion? The term is generally thought to be positive, but even industry experts haven’t really dealt with this fact – nature basically changes its chic whenever it wants.
Every three months, a new season brings in a new look. Over a number of years, nature can change even the most pristine man-made paradise back into a beautiful jungle of asymmetry and wildlife. Over eons, our planet has changed from a volcano into an icebox into a greenhouse.
Why then, do we ever look for a static fashion?
The only ecosystems that work in nature are the ones that are in a constant state of flux. They respond to their surroundings. They migrate seamlessly with new forces entering the area. Change is met with acceptance, not resistance. Nothing seems forced –…

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