NYX SLIP TEASE FULL COLOR FIRST IMPRESSION https://youtu.be/fUTIB68J48A Hello lovelies! Today I will be doing a review on slip tease full color lip oil by NYX Cosmetics. They are Matt finish lipstick. They are smooth and silky application, nice pigmentation and last a decent amount through out the day! It feels luxurious and lightweight. Somewhere … Continue reading NYX SLIP TEASE REVIEW


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How fashion bloggers need to change how they create content and find real followers who will stick with them

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Fashion blogging is still relevant even though a lot of attention these days is on fashion influencers on Instagram. The beauty of fashion blogging is that you own the platform and you are not subject to the whims of Instagram algorithm changes. All fashion bloggers want to be able to support themselves through their blog however it can be difficult to achieve this. I am here to help you with some unique perspectives on how you can generate more revenue by creating better content that converts.

  • Create a fashion blog with beautiful web design

If you want to create a follower base that is passionate about your sense of style, the website design of your blog needs to be excellent. Go for a website design that reflects your personal style. You…

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The nature of change… and the nature of fashion

Do you really know what you mean when you say that you are going for a more “natural look” with your fashion? The term is generally thought to be positive, but even industry experts haven’t really dealt with this fact – nature basically changes its chic whenever it wants.
Every three months, a new season brings in a new look. Over a number of years, nature can change even the most pristine man-made paradise back into a beautiful jungle of asymmetry and wildlife. Over eons, our planet has changed from a volcano into an icebox into a greenhouse.
Why then, do we ever look for a static fashion?
The only ecosystems that work in nature are the ones that are in a constant state of flux. They respond to their surroundings. They migrate seamlessly with new forces entering the area. Change is met with acceptance, not resistance. Nothing seems forced –…

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