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HAPPY EASTER!! It is Easter! Happy Easter to everyone! Christ will suffer and rise  from the dead on the third day and it happened exactly that way and repentance and forgiveness of sin will be preached in his name. The entire plan for the future has it’s key in the resurrection and according to his

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MARRIAGE LIES ABOUT SINGLE PEOPLE AND ADVICE TO STAY POSITIVE I know some people judge women based on their marital status and that has made some women taught that the only way to be happy or succeed is to find Mr right! (Husband) There are so many things that contribute to a person’s happiness, please

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The nature of change… and the nature of fashion

Do you really know what you mean when you say that you are going for a more “natural look” with your fashion? The term is generally thought to be positive, but even industry experts haven’t really dealt with this fact – nature basically changes its chic whenever it wants. Every three months, a new season…


VIDEO OF THE DAY From march 2018 we’re taking hair color trends to warmer, prettier heights. 2018 hair color trends are all over this season,which gives you plenty of gorgeous ways to express your personality and play around with colors. We are seeing a lot of ultra-violet tones in the beauty sphere this year. Colors

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