How To Make Mixed Seafood Rice

We are in baking and cooking season. O yes! And i don’t play with my kitchen. I love to share my passion for all things i feel very happy doing “Cooking is my hubby” So I made Mixed seafood rice today and decided to share with you guys. is a dish that everyone makes differently . I believe cooking is just all about creativity, try whatever you have in mind and it may come out delicious and by doing so, “ Is Your Style and Recipe” Because a good food should be about delicious, fresh, simple, and clean . that’s how we can let our food fight it out from the inside “ Am simply all about reality and aspirations, so am never tired of trying new things, finding another way around things and making them mine. And my purpose is to teach you how to cook, eat well and enjoy making your own food . Am glad that you are here. So if you want to know my style of making mixed seafood rice. Keep reading!


– A pack of mixed seafood (1pack)
– Parboiled Rice (3cups)
– Onion (1)
– Red bell pepper (1)
– Green bell pepper (1/2)and green peas(1/2 cup)
– Scotch Bonnet Pepper (1)
– Fresh garlic (3Cloves)
– Salt ( 1Tablespoon)
– Curry Powder (1Tablespoon)
– Stock Cubes ( 4)
– Vegetable oil( 1/2 cup)

* wash your hands thoroughly.
Wash and Prepare your ingredients . Chop your onion , red bell pepper, green bell pepper, scotch Bonnet Pepper,garlic.

* heat your cooking pot .
* add vegetables oil , allow for a bit and add your chopped onions, fry and stire for a while* Add garlic ,stir and allow for a minute.
*Add curry and stir ( on a low heat) Add stock cubes and red bell pepper, stir. Add Mixed seafood, stir and allow for 2mins. Then add rice and water ( I normally add water slightly above my rice level to avoid adding a bit more ) and stir partially . Cover your pot and allow to cook for (10-15mins ). Check the rice, Pick a grain “if not soft enough” Add a little water and allow to cook for extra 5mins .
* If completely dry, add green bell pepper and green peas , stir slightly, off your cooker and set aside , cover the pot for (5-10mins)

Open your pot and wella! Our mixed seafood rice is ready!
Understood? If not please leave your comments, I will be glad to answer you. Let me know what you think about this recipe and please don’t forget to Like, Follow ,share and subscribe. Try this recipe! You will be glad you did.


Thanks for watching and reading 📖


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